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Top 5 Social Media Misconceptions Exposed – Part 3

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Peter Wylie of SocialMediaExaminer sheds some light on the top 5 myths that’s been keeping a huge number of businesses away from an effective marketing medium, social media.

Third on our list of top social media misconceptions, “I Don’t Have Time to Manage Social Media.”

For the inexperienced, it is but natural to come up with such a misconception. Given such a relatively new form of marketing, it is no surprise that many marketers and business don’t even know how much time is needed to make social media marketing work. Further, most of us don’t even know such networks can even be used to get your message out in the open since most innocent users of such online services just take it for what it is, to socialize.

However, for those who are in the know, this misconception is probably the easiest to debunk. To start with, as mentioned in one of our previous Fact of the Week, it only takes less than an hour a day to feel the increase in traffic, subscribers, and opt-in list of any online business. According to a recently concluded survey, 67% have said that 6 hours a week spent on social media is all it takes to get results. And the best part, you don’t even need to be at your office to be able to get these results. You can achieve this while on your break or just at home checking your emails.

Although the results may vary given the same amount of time invested for social media, it is but natural since just like anything else new you encounter in life, there is a learning curve. And the more you get used to this, the better results you can naturally expect.

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Luckily for those who’d rather be doing something else than dealing with the learning curve of social media marketing, Enform is just a call, a tweet, a message, or an email away. But on a serious note, marketing and promotions outsourcing is a traditional solution with agencies and designers contracted for their expertise, digital social media marketing is no different.

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