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Top 5 Social Media Misconceptions Exposed – Part 1

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Peter Wylie of SocialMediaExaminer sheds some light on the top 5 myths that’s been keeping a huge number of businesses away from an effective marketing medium, social media.

1st Social Media Misconception: My Customers Don’t Do Social Media

On top of the list is probably the most shocking of them all, there are actually a lot of businesses who say, “My customers don’t do social media.” Such a revenue losing statement obviously has not seen the numbers behind this cultural sensation.

Facebook alone has over 400 million users worldwide and growing. The site’s user demographics? From ages 2-100 years old and that’s to say the least. And, let’s not forget there are a number of other notable social networking sites out there too, each with their own respected user base. In a word, it’s encompassing and there’s no reason your potential customers are not on it.

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To boot, social media’s coverage doesn’t just end with Facebook or Twitter either. There are also a range of forums where people have been interacting even before the term “social media” has been coined. That’s at least another hundred million more informed consumers for your business to communicate with.

Enform believes there no denying that social media has become part of our daily lives just as the internet has and its potential as a marketing platform is becoming more of a necessity than an option.

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