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Survey Shows In-depth Look on American Twitter Habits

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Ever wondered how many people actually use Twitter? To give you a better picture about the Twitter craze, a recent survey released by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project indicates that for every 10 adults in America who use the Internet, 1 of them is a Twitter user.

The organisation’s survey reveals that 8% of adults who go online use Twitter—2% of which logon to the site on any given day. Even more interesting are the findings which show that 74% of adults now use the Internet on a regular basis, which implies that Twitter users now make up 6% of all adults in the US with similar metrics in some other countries.

Youth and young adults seem to make up most of this tweet-happy populace. According to the survey’s demographic analysis, late teens and young adults age 18 to 29 tweet at a higher rate (14%) than adults age 30 to 49 (7%). Americans aged 65 and above have the lowest tweet rate, at only 4%.

After asking respondents on the type of content they would often tweet about, it was found that 72% of Twitter users shared updates about everyday happenings and activities in their personal life. 62% of users admitted tweeting about their work and interests, with 12% doing so every day. 55% of users were more into current events, with another 54% posting humorous anecdotes and musings.

Enform believes that the survey gives you a good picture as to how Twitter plays a role in users and “usomers” everyday lives and suggests ways in which it could be used to better market products relevant to interests. The opportunities lie in successfully tying in products, brands and stories to mesh in to campaigns that replicate and distribute, the essence of effective social media marketing.

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