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The Importance of ‘Outro’s for YouTube Content

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Importance of Video Outro

Now that you have a “YouTube” video for your product or service, understand the importance of proper and effective introduction and “outro” in a product or service video.

The short attention span of web users today necessitates videos that pique their interest during the first few seconds after a video begins. It’s one of the curses of the information age, where people hate wasting time online so the intro is crititcal.

However, considerable thought should be given to the endings or ‘outros’ of YouTube videos as well.  A good ending is one that emphasises the point that users should remember, whether it’s to buy a product or service, or go to the brand’s page on Facebook, but what about an outro? What is it and how important is it for your YouTube video?

If you’re posing a video on a site like YouTube, don’t just end your video after your ‘real ending.’ This is the part of the video where you have finally closed with the point you left your viewers with.

It’s a good idea to add an outro that runs for at least another 20 seconds; this small amount of time is enough for you to add links to other material, such as links to your Facebook page or website. The outro serves as your chance to emphasise that you were the author behind your video and cements your brand in the viewer’s memory.

The outro also serves as a way for you to counter the links YouTube automatically makes to other related videos, which are often from your competitors.

Considering most people who use the Web today would rather watch a video than read a long brochure or press release, using videos to market your brand or organisation is a smart investment. Videos have a greater chance of eliciting a response from online viewers.

So what are the key points?

–          The intro of any online video is arguably the most important part, grab their attention.

–          Keep it short to hold their attention

–          Use “outro’s” to summarise and finalise the offer and provide a “call to action” where possible

–          Add additional links or message to the outro that may not be core to the video but still provide a message.

An outro may be ignored or cut short by some users but will be a benefit for others and all if done properly.