What is a Net Promoter Score or NPS*?

enform_nps_outline_page_1Enform Networks is not aligned with Satmetrix or Bain & Co though we value and use the NPS* system to help clients build better and stronger brands that can grow at a faster rate. Global research (including Australia) has shown that brands with the highest NPS in their sector consistently out perform their competitors in growth and financial performance.

 In a nut shell, NPS is a simple but remarkably effective new method for measuring customer loyalty. A higher NPS delivers more powerful and more vocal customer advocacy resulting in cascading brand referral independent of conventional marketing and promotional spend.

NPS provides a simple comparable measure of customer satisfaction and future business growth by looking at customer loyalty perception which is often different to performance perception. That is, a brand or company could be considered as a “can do better” in its delivery performance while still retaining an excellent NPS indicating a strong referral and recommendation base.

For this reason Enform places high value in NPS when planning and deploying usomer promotion and support campaigns to create and leverage the “Buzz”.

The web and social media turbochargers the speed and reach of any message.  It will therefore leverage and multiply the result toward the positive or negative.

Click the link to download a copy of our NPS Explained document enform_nps_outline1

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