Wikipedia Tops FaceBook in Customer Satisfaction Survey Among Social Media Sites

By July 24, 2010 Blog No Comments

FaceBook might have the edge in user base however, it’s the advertisement-free Wikipedia that earned big among American customers. According to the 2010 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Wikidepia was ahead of FaceBook, Youtube, and Myspace with a score of 77 while the rest had 64, 73, and 63 respectively.

The key to Wikipedia’s higher marks apparently lies in its ease of use and the completeness of information freely available to its users, who by the way only visit the site every week with some going to it monthly – nowhere near the 57% mark of FaceBook users that use it daily. Surprisingly enough, there are only two things that Americans see negatively for Wikipedia. One of these is the apparent user-generated content which can naturally be of questionable credibility. The rest when asked about what they don’t like about the site said they have nothing they think they don’t like about it.
Social Media Sites ACSI Scores 2010
FaceBook’s users on the other hand had a handful of nays with security and privacy concerns leading the way. This is then followed by news feeds, the presence of ads, never-ending interface tweaks, difficulty in navigation, less-than-lovable applications that can’t stop sending out notifications, overall functionality, and of course, spam.

Surprisingly, regardless of the faults that the American consumers see on FaceBook, it still remains too popular to ignore. Can you imagine 9% of the entire American website visits go to it? And among all the social networking sites out there, 55% of Americans use it. If you factor in nearly 500 million users, could it be that the unsatisfied users are only normal given such an overwhelming user base?

Enform believes this is exactly the case and no matter the downsides mentioned, at the right hands, FaceBook and other social media sites’ influence especially among the younger adults (50% of 18-34 year olds find social media recommendations to be most influential in their buying decision) should not be ignored. Give us a call and we’ll take care of sifting through all of the negatives social media sites has to offer to get directly to your target audience.