Women are More Social Even on the Internet

By August 21, 2010 Blog No Comments

According to a recent study by comScore, 75.8% of women across the globe have visited a social networking site in the month of May, 2010. That should be around 3 billion people taken from the estimated 7 billion people now living on this planet. This accounts for 47.9% of the overall unique visitors, consuming 57% of pages, and around 57% of total time spent on social network sites.

Men on the other hand are behind with 69.7% saying they have visited a social networking site on the same time period. Women also spend longer hours on social networks clocking in 5.5 hours each month on average compared to the 3.9 hours for men.

Continent wise, around 94.1% of Latin American women do social networking compared to the 91.9% of their men leading all continents. North America then follows with 91% and 87.5% social network reach for women and men respectively.

85.6% of European women and 80.6% of their men have visited these sites while Asians only contributed 54.9% of women and 50.7% of respectively. Analysts say that the poor representation coming from the Asia Pacific region is largely due to the low access to broadband connection.

On another note, homosexuals and heterosexuals appears to have a rather significant gap in social networking activity in the United States with 55% of homosexuals saying they have visited a social networking site daily while only 41% of heterosexuals report the same.

Enform believes that this sort of segmenting is valuable for exporters and marketers in general allowing for appropriate adjustments basing on the demographics of your target market. However, the average number of hours committed to social media might be a wake-up call overall for some.